Talk comments

Gene Surov at 01:53 on 9 May 2017

I've never heard of OSMI project before and it was a great introduction for me. I'm sure Ed is doing great job to help people in tech to struggle with their mental problems. Very much appreciated!

Gene Surov at 01:51 on 9 May 2017

I had a strong argument with my colleague during this talk. We stated that loops are better readable in their classic form while I more agreed with Adam here. Functional programming is really cool and simple to use. This talk was very simple to understand and contained a lot of examples. Thank you, Adam!

Gene Surov at 01:48 on 9 May 2017

Great talk by Lorna. Very practical instructions how webhooks should work. And rather inspiring at the same time. Will keep this recipe in mind to implement it in my projects. Thanks, Lorna!

Gene Surov at 01:46 on 9 May 2017

Peter was sleepy but very cool! :)

Eugen Neuber at 14:18 on 7 May 2017

Great talk!
A lot of infos, new and very useful tools and as always very professionally presented by Lorna.

Thank you very much!

Eugen Neuber at 16:35 on 6 May 2017

Very fine talk!
Since I do not use MongoDB at the moment, some things were to fast for me (but I can easily watch again...)

Thank you very much!

Eugen Neuber at 12:29 on 6 May 2017

Backup is always a big part of my solution for customers, so this is a very welcome addition!

Some suggestions:
a) please improve sound quality (did you use a headset?)
b) please increase font size in PhpStorm for presentation (the recording seems aggressively commpressed, so the text is hardly readable)

I hope to see/hear more talks about your packages!

Mike Classic at 18:58 on 5 May 2017

I thought this soft talk was excellent and thorough for the amount of time allotted.

Tim was clearly experienced and conveyed as much with his advice. He explained the pitfalls of contract development as well as how to handle bids.

Tim advised in how to determine your contact rate and how to deal with negotiations.

He listed off a number of different types of clients and how to deal with them as well.

And I personally found his slides quite creative visually and unique.

Mike Classic at 18:53 on 5 May 2017

Peter was great in introducing and providing a clear overview of the conference. Mike was handsome.

Very much enjoyed this talk.