In an increasingly connected world, APIs are key to great tools and effective workflows. What is better than an API? A webhook of course! Webhooks are a key building block of a modern application, allowing systems to exchange data in response to events.

This session gives examples of webhooks currently in use “in the wild”, and examines both when a webhook is useful and the internal design and structuring of webhook payloads. We’ll discuss how to work with webhooks in a scalable way regardless of technology stack; how to recieve and process incoming webhooks from an external system and how to design and publish your own for use by partners or consumers. Recommended for anyone wanting to teach their applications to play nicely with others.


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Shawn Barratt at 09:09 on 4 May 2017

Reinforced a lot of beliefs, and added a great bit of new knowledge.
Highly beneficial that she pointed out webhooks are pubsub over http, and nothing to be afraid of working with.
Also, great insight into efficient message queue setups when sending webhooks.

Lisa Fehr at 09:10 on 4 May 2017

Easy to follow guestbook example used. Showed queuing and testing the webhook.

David Carr at 10:14 on 4 May 2017

Amazing talk, lots of useful tools mentioned to check out. The concept of web hooks has been reinforced. I found the pace perfect and the slides being available right away is really useful.

Morten Bergset at 15:17 on 4 May 2017

I always learn something from your talks :-)

Eugen Neuber at 14:18 on 7 May 2017

Great talk!
A lot of infos, new and very useful tools and as always very professionally presented by Lorna.

Thank you very much!

Gene Surov at 01:48 on 9 May 2017

Great talk by Lorna. Very practical instructions how webhooks should work. And rather inspiring at the same time. Will keep this recipe in mind to implement it in my projects. Thanks, Lorna!