Talk comments

It was the first time for me that I heard about JSON web tokens.

This talk got me really interested in it's possibilities.

I loved the styling used you used in your slides.

The structure was easy to follow and the frequently asked questions at the end was a nice addition.

Rick Kuipers at 08:45 on 22 Feb 2017

I went into this talking thinking "it's just a token...".
I walked away from this talk thinking "that's one hell of a token!".

Luís had a clear explanation of what these tokens are and how they can be used, it's always nice to have someone speak from true experience and knowledge.

There were still a lot of "uhms" involved and definitely in the beginning it was a bit hard to follow because of this, later on in the talk when things started to get more technical there was much more of a flow and it was easier to follow.

Great talk :+1:

Bobby Bouwman at 07:49 on 22 Feb 2017

Thanks for your great talk Luís! I liked the way you explained what JOSE means and everything that flows around there. The only thing that was missing is a few more examples. How to use the token? I remember that you showed how to use your package, that's a good thing, however the code example was way to complex. It would be nice if you show a simple example first and then expend on that.

Overall a good and solid talk! Keep it up ;)