Talk comments

Excellent presentation style. Content hit the nail on the head. Kept me engaged the whole time. Well done.

The dynamic nature of this session made it a lot of fun. Some really interesting subjects were covered.

Great overview of the ways of building (or failing the build) a community website.

Complex topic handled in a friendly fashion. Another fine job from Henry.

Good overview. To the point and clear. interesting stuff happening.

This was my favorite of the Symfony/Doctrine talks. It was started at the ground level and built up from there without being boring.

FYI: Slides are posted at
(And I'm giving my own talk 5 stars since you can't comment without rating)

Excellent discussion. Good questions, good answers. Enjoyed it a lot.

Having so many speakers taking turns at presenting a part of this was a bit chaotic, but the content was good enough.

Interesting talk. Don't worry too much about the accented english, it didn't bother people too much (or at least it didn't bother me). Focus on the content instead, and the content was good. Sorry for heckling at the end :)