We are pleased to announce our first meeting in Mons! The event will be recorded and available in live streaming at: http://www.isims.be/phpbelgium.html

19:30h Welcome & drink
20:00h PHP & the MVC Pattern - Patrick Allaert
Patrick Allaert is Competence Center Architect at AUSY where he brings 10 years of PHP development experience. Patrick is also known by the community for developing APM as well as evangelizing for Free and Open Source Software
21:00h Break
21:10h PHP 5.3: new features - Davide Mendolia
Davide is a veteran PHP developer working at AUSY as a PHP Software Architect. In his spare time, Davide works on APM too as well as contributing to the PHP project with benchmarking tests
22:00h Quizz to win goodies/conference tickets
22:15h Socializing and networking

Avenue Victor Maistriau 8
7000 Mons


The event is free, no registration is required.

We'd like to thank this meeting's sponsors: La Haute École de la Communauté française en Hainaut and the I.S.I.Ms for the location and the drinks. If you are interested in sponsoring a PHPBelgium meeting or event, contact us!

We're looking forward seeing you there,

The PHPBelgium Team