Passing the Joel Test in the PHP World


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Setting aside for the moment the fact that Lorna is one of my best friends in the PHP community, this is a great talk. Lorna delivers it with authority and humor.

Great talk, but also very interesting for managers. And I love the humor. I think it is also very insightfull for many people who get involved in the development process.

A great talk indeed. Loved the way IT was presented. A nice combination of topics either for developpers or managers. Great control of the time during the talk. Congratulations Lorna.

A talk by Lorna is always a joy to attend....
Thanks !

It was a very interesting talk with some good pointers. The agile part wasn't always how we do it or what we use it for, but for the rest it was a great talk.

Great talk with a lot of humor and interesting tips.

Maybe a nice addition to the remark about the quiet working desk is a reference to the book "The Myth Of Multitasking" (

It gives an insight in the thing we think is "multitasking" but really isn't. The book is full of tips and tricks to create a window of silence for you to do your work and not be disturbed by the 'evil' outside world.

Solid talk about working environments and their importance from the view of a developer. Great content, nice pacing and great tips when giving an overview of tools.

Bugzilla wasn't listed though as bug tracker, which made me sad. Bugzilla is just like that old smelly guy at the end of the bar that's always there. Part of the furniture. You wouldn't actually want to talk to him, but you'd miss him if he was gone.

Very interesting, well presented, well structured, but not really a lot of new information (although that probably was not the primary goal of this talk). I did get some new ideas, though and it was fun to listen to.

This was a talk I really was looking forward to. Lorna, you're a natural! Your slides were very well structured and easy to follow.

Everything was really well explained and with the funny sidenotes from time to time it was just great to listen to. The talk really inspired me to even read more about the Joel test.

I'm really looking forward to more talks of you Lorna!

Good presentation from a very talented speaker!
Unfortunately I didn't learned anything new and I consider most developers should already know all of those best practices.
What most developers don't know is how to put that in place towards a management having different priorities.

Good talk about the Joel Test, great presentation style, easy to listen. I left the room with some new ideas and tips that I started using right away.

I really have to find out some things I've heard here. Very interesting talk about how to test your projects.
Nice way of speaking and funny to listen to (although the interaction was not as much as Lorna would have wanted :-))

Great presentation !
Never heard about the Joel test before, but will try to evaluate my current, past and maybe future companies with it. Didn't really learn anything new with it, but it's great to clarify the importance of some topics.