Stress-Free Deployment


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Interesting talk from rob allen about deployment and how to do this in your own environment. Rob shows real life examples on how to deploy and rollback new releases.

Eventough the talk started without a microphone (which wasn't Robs fault) slowly the talk got underway and was over before we knew it.

The only addition I could see to this talk is how to use these techniques with non-developers. Such as your webdesigners or translators.

Tjirp said it all, realy interesting talk. Esspecially when you just introduced SVN to your company last year and you get complemented on the way you did that by this talk and at the same time learn a whole lot more to do with it.

Good talk, nice introduction to the various assets of the deployment process with examples of how Rob approaches these problems himself. Despite some technical difficulties he delivered the talk in a very nice and clear way.

4 thumbs instead of 5 because of saying DBDeploy is written in Java, which is only partially true. DBDeploy is implemented in Java, PHP and .NET - the PHP version is distributed as a part of with Phing.

Good talk, thanks for some new insights.

I like the constant references to real-world examples, and how Rob himself uses the tools for deployment. Interaction with audience was good, quality responses were given to questions posed.

Good talk, very informantive. Good use of examples. For a next talk I'd be interested to zoom in on a specific part of the process. The do's and don'ts of ..., pitfalls, edge cases. etc.

Thanks Rob, some very good stuff! Would be great if you could post the slides as well. Thanks in advance!

Great talk Rob! Like mentioned before it was nice to see real-world examples and use cases.
This gave me a good overview of how to automate deployment of projects that allow deployment process being automated.

Everything i expected from a Rob Allen talk: personal, down to earth and spiced with real life examples and personal experiences. I took home a lot of valuable information since i'm in a comparable professional situation where deployment of many small projects is daily business.

A very nice talk. As mentioned numerous times above, the real-world examples are just so useful. It really gave the talk that extra.
Everything was well explained, even for someone like me, with much less experience on this subject it was easy to follow.

Great, interesting talk!

Good talk. Nice to know we are doing it right :).

Great talk - I have already jotted down some of the techniques presented by Rob as must-do-real-soonish

Great talk, it really inspired me to take a more thorough look into our deployment strategy. Rob explained everything very well.

Great talk! I was wondering if you could share the slides on Slideshare as well? Or if you'd mind if I upload them myself? (Giving you full credit, obviously...)

Very good talk, I basically want to say the same as the rest here: Good ideas, interesting examples!

Good introduction in how to do stress free deployments. Some nice examples of how things can be done in a good way and how you should not do it.
Good pointers to tools that can be used and how to use them.
I will be using this information in the very near future! tnx!