Estimation or, “How to Dig you own Grave”


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Anonymous at 11:06 on 28 Jan 2012

Enjoyed the talk, have some things to think about.

Anonymous at 11:06 on 28 Jan 2012

More talks about process please! These are at least as interesting as pure tech talks.

Real, real interesting! Lots to meditate about.

Great talk! Have more of these to have a good balance between tech and process.

Obviously you are a well experienced speaker, you have a way to talk while keeping you audience motivated. Great points in the presentation, I learned a lot!

As always, it was a pleasure to hear Rowan speak about a subject. Slides were perfectly done, stories were good.

thanks i learned a lot of stuff i did not know at all about estimation
till now i always felt it as being a thing to annoy you with, but it has some benefits if done well, thx

It was a pleasure to listen to this talk. I learned a lot about mistakes i was making doing estimates even when the solution is so obvious.

Just great

Great talk. Love rowan's calm and clear presentation style. Slide theme was awesome too!

Great presentation and great speaker.

everybody should see this talk!

Very enjoying, informative and engaging talk. No comments, really!

Awesome talk. Although I kind of missed all the slapstick that happened at the PHPNW rendition of this talk.

As usual a great enjoyable talk! Not all new, but will definitely take some advantage in avoiding common pitfalls. Thnx

Anonymous at 22:16 on 28 Jan 2012

Anonymous at 22:52 on 28 Jan 2012

Great talk, excellent slides. It was really interesting for me to find out more about estimations. They can be hell to do, especially when you totally miss the mark.

Rowan is a natural born speaker with the ability to present anything in a very engaging, clear and entertaining way. Interesting talk with some good points about estimations. I liked every bit of it - and the slides were simply amazing. Job well done!

This was the first presentation of Rowan I saw, but man, this guy can present! He's calm, he's clear in what he has to say, but he also speaks very clearly. Add some experience and an interesting subject to that and you get an excellent mix for a talk.
I hope his pointers help me improve my estimates :-)

Anonymous at 21:26 on 29 Jan 2012

It is certainly impossible to loose interest during this talk! Entertaining speaker, with interesting examples and explanations why and how to do things one way or another. Came out of this one with the great feeling that I'm actually not the only one doing some things wrong, ánd the knowledge about how to do it right - starting right after the talk. An "almost quarter of a day" well spent!

And if you don't want to know about estimation or graves, do it for the pictures...

Rowan did a splendid job as usual. Nothing new I have learned but it was a please watching him on stage. It's always so much fun. And slides... oh I am jealous! I have no idea how he find the content for his slides and where does he find the inspiration!

Very, very entertaining, solid presentation!

Great talk, good speaker, funny slides. This talk was both entertaining and educational.

Perfectly presented backed up with an awesome deck. Well done Sir!!!

Great talk, good slides a pleasure to listen to someone with real presenting skills.

very nice talk with great slides!
although I did not hear anything surprisingly, it was great hearing how everything should work to remind it to me again :)

Great slides and a very good talk. Although I knew most of it, it can't hurt to be reminded of some things once in a while. You are a very good speaker and I loved seeing you dance (or something like that) on stage :)

One comment on the content for improvement:
It wasn't always clear to me how the first part of the presentation was build up. The estimation during the sale process was very obvious, but how to estimate when the project starts, especially when you use a waterfall method instead of agile, wasn't very clear.