Large-Scale Data Processing with Hadoop and PHP


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I saw this talk before, but it has been polished and refined to great effect. Really enjoyed the demos as well.

Very nice talk about a cool subject. Now I just want to start using Hadoop!

Good talk and got me convinced. Quite a nerve to hive a live demo, you even setup a cluster live. Nice!

The setup seems really simple. The hard part will be to get a good use case for it :)
Anyway, I really like how you speak, very convincing and funny.

Very nice presentation, from theory to live working examples: makes me want to use it and tells me how

Great introductory talk on Hadoop, especially useful with the hands on part of the talk, which shows how easy it actually is to set it up. Entertaining as always :)

Interesting material. Good working demo. Can't wait to try it out!

Cool subject.

Anonymous at 19:27 on 28 Jan 2012

I thought the content of this talk was very interesting. I was amazed how easy Hadoop was to use (but perhaps David just made it seem easy?). The statistics were very interesting, the example were clear and engaging and the demo was enlightening and very fun. David was very engaging and relaxed as a speaker and I have no negative comment to provide. Thanks David!

David gave a very good introduction to Hadoop. Even the live demo went without a single hiccup.

Great talk by David, i would have liked more code based examples and less installing hadoop, but that's a personal view. Well executed demo, lots of guts.

I love live demo's. Very nice one! Seems that it is indeed very easy to set it up.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 29 Jan 2012

Great presentation! I really enjoyed the live demo and David's contagious enthusiasm!

Great talk on a very interesting topic with a very daring demo. Since I knew nothing about hadoop the way David showed how it's installed and everything made me convinced that it's pretty easy to use as well! :-)

Cant wait to use it!

Really enjoyed the talk. Brilliant execution as usual. The beginning didn't draw my attention enough (could be slow pace of the talk or maybe just the fact I couldn't concentrate), but the hands on example was really good and gave me some ideas for the future!

The talk demonstrated really good what hadoop is good for, how it works in basics and how scalable it is. Enjoyed the way it was presented, and inspired me to look into this a little bit further.