Mobile for PHP developers


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Good one ivo

For someone like me whom hasn't toyed a whole lot with mobile, this talk was great!

i found this talk very interesting to broaden my mobile handling
some nice examples about how mobile is used on different types of devices gave me a new insight, not just drop my old content in a mobile format but adapt is for the current use. thx

Good talk. Ivo is a very fluent speaker. I definitely learned a lot from this talk, although I had some experience with mobile websites.

great talk. Learned a lot new tips and tricks about mobile development that will make my life much easier

Superbe talk! A lot of interesting stuff and nice examples, given by a speaker that knows what he's talking about.

Anonymous at 09:35 on 30 Jan 2012

One of the better talks of this conference!

I enjoyed the talk, very good insights and in-field examples. But since there are 2 sides for mobile applications, I missed the mobile web application part a bit, the native mobile application part was very good and well explained.

Great tutorial, loved the real world examples too.

One note though: try to change words sometimes, you said "take this into account" very often.