Modular application architecture


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For me personally this was the most interesting presentation of PHPBenelux Conference 2012.
I find the topic very interesting and will probably invest a little bit more time in this matter.

Real interesting talk, I've encountered nearly all of the approaches mentioned in the presentation while working with Magento, Wordpress and Symfony but I didn't know the names. Now I do.
I loved the way you presented the topic. It's been a while since I saw a talk with two presenters, I think it keeps the listener focused.
Well done.

Funny to see the real world examples, but I think I would like a full presentation on the good solutions better.

Anonymous at 11:01 on 28 Jan 2012

very interesting presentation

Informative and with real word exempels. Woud like to have steen part 2. I enjoyed IT.

a nice introduction and summary of the posibilities, also handy to have some real world examples, but my guess is after all its somehow linked to your experience and how many times you failed to implement it well in different situations

Interesting topic, like the two speaker concept. I would have liked to see more details about their favorite way to build modulair applications

Interesting talk about the topic. Great to see the real world examples.

Great talk. With more details about best real-world solutions would have been better.

Good to refresh some knowledge about some patterns used in modular architectures. Somehow it doesnt feel finished. I guess it would be much better to have a better focus on the subject. On the one hand you could talk more about the patterns and keep the examples more simple, but on the other hand you could lessen the patterns and give more exhaustive solutions. Now it floats somewhere in between, which gave me the "unfinished" feeling. I guess you wanted to put as much as possible in the time slot you're given.

Interesting talk on how to implement modular extension of an application, but not really a talk on architecting your application with modules. Very good overview of the available solutions and pros/cons.

Good talk, but not really useful to me.

Anonymous at 21:25 on 29 Jan 2012

Finally someone told me what the heck is going on with hooks! It always felt a bit "off"...

Great talk. But as M. De Krijger mentioned already: there's more in this one. Give them a bigger timeslot, 'cause it's time well spent!

interesting talk, presented in a good way with a nice speed and flow. I thought the bits about patterns where a bit to basic and slightly out of place with only the minimal explanation and coverage invested in them.

As I said already said in my other post: you guys are great. Very passionate about the topic and very knowledgeable.
I wish it was more in depth