PHAR, the PHP .exe format


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Good talk about interesting topic by a enthusiastic presenter with fine knowledge about the topic.


Well delivered talk on topic worth spreading.

great speaker. but I'm not really convinced of using phar. so maybe some more examples (pros) to use phar

Nice talk on an item that i think most attendees had at least heard of but havent delved into yet, the talk has actually convinced me to take a look at phar more seriously!

Good talk, on topic and with the right energy presented.

Very good talk. There's more you can do with PHAR than I first tought. But not sure if I will be using it any time soon.

I personally think that every effort on getting PHAR more into the mainstream should be embraced. PHP programmers should not be afraid to use PHAR. Luckily, with the help of "big applications" like phpunit, silex and pyrus, PHAR is slowely become more known to programmers and maybe - just maybe - PHARs will be just as common for php programmers as jars or gems for java and ruby programmers.

I think helgi has found a good mix between "what is phar" and the "when/why/how use phar", although maybe people might benefit from a simple howto on creating their pharfile (buildFromDirectory|Iterator).

Nevertheless, very enjoyable and well presented talk.

Helgi gave a really nice and relaxed presentation. Fun to watch. I already knew a bit about PHAR, but still learned some new techniques. Too bad I didn't learn a way to enforce the signature check though. I had really hoped there was some secret solution there :)

I didn't know you could do all of that with phar, pretty awesome and I'll surely use it for some of my projects. Great engaging speaker on an interesting topic! :-)

Really good talk with very energetic presenter. I really liked the fact Helgi tried to get the audience to participate in the talk and be the part of it. Learned a few details about phar I didn't know before and will definitely consider using it in the future.

An energetic speaker, enthousiastic about the subject. But I can't get around the feeling that it was a talk about the good stuff, while there were a lot of remarks from the audience showing that there are a lot of things where PHAR actually isn't that great. Why not just start with the realistic possibilities of PHAR: where and when is it good to use it, and where should I just simple avoid using them? It would make me leave the talk more with a feeling that I know the pros and cons of PHAR, instead of letting me try things to only get disappointed that it will just not work as expected in certain circumstances.

But imho it was a great talk, and I'm really going to try using it at some point! Keep up the good work at integrating this into PHP, and spread the word!

As a PHAR user but not "yet" creator I learned a lot. It is a topic that needs to be spread and Helgi does it very good. Good interaction with the audience and he knows his slides very well. He is able to switch front and back within the slides to answer the audience their questions and still give a perfect story.

Even though I'm deeply involved in PEAR, everytime Helgi speaks about Phar I learn something new. Great speaker and I really enjoy listening to him :-)

Only saw 50% of the talk because I had some conference duties, but I enjoyed that 50%

Obviously Helgi knows what he's talking about, he's PHP royalty and the content I find really interesting. I'm planning to use this info and the slides to package some of my apps in PHAR files.

I've seen a lot of talks by Helgi in the past, this "deep dive" style talk fits him better.

Why 4-stars and not 5-stars? Well ... although Helgi's presentation skills are good, he can still grow as a speaker in terms of delivery.