PHP traits, treat or threat?


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sometimes a bit hampering, but all together a nice talk, i learned some extras and got some idea how to use traits in real world scenarios

Good talk, but the slides could use some work. There was IMHO too much extras in the slides such as the namespace stuff. Some diagrams for the precedence would be beneficial too.

Too much information on the slides which are overwhelming the audience and sometimes the presenter also. The information itself is good and helpful.

As mentioned by the rest, the slides could be improved. Overall a good talk though

Very interesting information, but I agree the slides could be improved. Too much code which sometimes confused the speaker. But that said, I think Nick did a great job and I learnt a lot of new stuff.

Even the examples were confusing the speaker. Not motivated to use traits. Missed examples about testability and why using traits is better than X. Too bad even the raffle went south.

Some code examples could have been a bit shorter, but I liked the fact that it was "real code" and not just hello world examples.

I also found the fact that there were other 5.4 features in the examples to be kind of fun. They were easy to pick out, and since I hadn't heard about them before it was a nice little extra.

The speaker did have a bit of a stumble in the middle of the talk, bit of a blank out maybe? But after a moment regained himself and the rest of the talk went perfectly fine.

Thnx for this talk. Learned some new stuff about traits. Don't get yourself strangled in all the sheets with code. Don't know how i would have done it differently, but I can imagine it's hard with so many sheets of code, sometimes looking very similar. Too bad you had only one slide about its performance gain, with such great results im really curious where these gains are won.

Nice talk, lots of usefull info. Couldn't agree more about the fact that traits are good or bad depending of the usage in peoject. Not evil for sure ;) There were times when the speaker lost it, but recovered quickly. Well done overall!

interesting topic, good examples but the presentation material should have been better known by the speaker before the presentation - reading the examples to understand them during the speech didn't seem the best option.

Great coverage on the topic and good effort to use real life examples. However the slides could use a little more visual aids to drive the points home and to help the speaker get on track. The extra information at the beginning was very interesting but maybe out of place in a traits talk.

I really enjoyed this talk. Really looking forward to give 5.4 a try :)

Good talks. I see some use cases for traits. But the talk definitely showed that you should be careful with them as well.

This was a talk I was really looking forward to. Nick did a good job at explaining traits. I agree with the comment about the visuals for a better understanding. As a presenter it's always difficult to choose between having a lot of code to explain things better versus having fewer code to make the slides better. For me it was not a problem to have a bit more code. The real life example helped a lot to understand everything.

Very interesting talk; I learned a lot of new stuff and I'm definitely going to play around with traits a bit more. There was a bit too much code on the example slides though - maybe leaving irrelevant stuff out of the code examples or by explaining your point using a graphical representation would help to make it more clear.

I liked the talk and learned how traits work and can be used. Even if it is a hard topic for the speaker to explain, as could be noticed within the code examples.
The benchmarks between 5.3 and 5.4 were amazing, but not a good comparison as 5.4 has build-in APC.

Interesting topic. But the presentation could have been better.

First of all: one can cover traits, without having examples from Zend, or from a very specific case in a very specific environment. Use some basic class that you explain at the beginning, and then toy around with that - keeps the differences far easier to understand.

Also it would give you as a speaker the chance to know what slide you're actually on, and quickly see what the point of the code is you are showing to your audience - some notes on your own screen would also come in handy. It would certainly help with the wondering about for example a slide on abstract classes, even when it's completely understandable what the slide was trying to say.

The talk however was good, as Nick certainly knows what he's talking about. Even in the Alice-in-wonderland situation.

I really understood the idea behind traits and how they work, though the slides need some work.

I really liked the idea of the talk. A definitive opportunity for me to learn about it and know that I don't like them! The very low rating is for the fact that I found the talk chaotic and I had a feeling Nick wasn't prepared well enough. But with a bit more practice this will be a great talk.

Good talk but a bit chaotic. Don't know if I became very enthousiastic about traits but you gave a good overview.

Nice talk, with good info about the subject
I did some reading about traits a couple of months ago, so didn't learn that much new stuff, but still got some usefull info
The presentation was good, but sometimes a bit chaotic
The slides had too many long code samples, and maybe it would have been better too explain more stuff without going over lot's and lot's of code, although it isn't easy explaining it without viewing some code

Work on it a little bit, and this talk could be awesome

nothing new to say really.

Very interesting for me, I didnt know much about this side of the next PHP version

Interesting, but chaotic. The code explanation need some work, because I lost you at some point (classes/interfaces/traits/aliases part).

Good talk Nick, I could tell you knew what you were talking about. Too bad you got lost at some points, maybe some rehearsing next time would be better. I would loved to hear you tell more about the advantages and disadvantages of using traits and put them next to each other. I think the structure of the talk could use some work. If you want someone to help, you know how to contact me :)