Writing testable code


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Nice presentation explaining some core principles of testable codes. Principles like SOLID and the Law of Demeter are clearly explained.

Nice presentation with clear explanations of the presented principles. Pity that (some key) slides were missing in the presentation

Anonymous at 12:40 on 28 Jan 2012

Very interesting.
To much information for the short timespan.
Talk should last longer :)
A workshop would be great.
Slide design was a bit boring.

Nothing new but nicely presented :)

Nice informative talk about the principles of testing. Would have liked some more handson howtotest in specific circumstances (ie mock objects) though. But that probably wouldnt have fit into the timeframe.

Anonymous at 15:52 on 28 Jan 2012

My compliments to you guys! Your examples in the presentation were very good. Infact they showed exactly what i did wrong when i started with unittesting. To make it even better an advise from me; really run a unittest with mock and phake to show how that works too. Keep up the good work

That was a good talk, but the timespan was actually too short for such a subject

One of the best tech talks from the conference imo. Good overview and very clear examples. Without the missing slides I would have rated it 5* :)

The topic was very interesting and well-scoped, but it still was a bit too much information to also have some back-and-forth between each other during the presentation. The information density was so high that the speakers switches distracted a bit and I found myself drifting away occasionally. The more difficult topics lacked slides, which was a serious minor. Both speakers were very well versed in the topic, very engaged and engaging and the questions were handled very well (especially considering the difficult and sometimes abstract topic).

Very good overview, excellent speakers!

Nice speech. Interesting subject. Some things were new for me so I learned something. Well done!

Anonymous at 23:18 on 28 Jan 2012

"Writing true object oriented code". Loved it.

Anonymous at 00:07 on 29 Jan 2012

Excellent explanation of several principles, especially the SOLID principle. A workshop on this topic would be very interesting.

Very good topic and very good coverage of important points. Unfortunately the duo's timing was off and there was apparent confusion with the slides, this led to a few breaks during that talk that broke the rhythm and led to a few repetitious points and some confusion. Other then that chemistry the content was solid.

This talk was good.

Very well done! The chemistry between Tobias and Kore is great.

I had heard of the concepts that were handled before, but this talk give me a real feeling for their importance in test driven development. I found the examples very good.

Please try to create some simple examples for the other principles as well.

Having examples and explanation what 'goes wrong' worked for me.
Toby and Kore weren't 100% working as a team (sometimes interrupted each other), which was a distraction, but when they switched in time it was okay.
The topics they covered were well explained and the examples helped a lot!

Very interesting!!! Keep up the good work - one of the greatest talks ever seen about OOP stuff. You really put some perspective into how writing code that also can be easily tested! Einfach nur spitze!

Anonymous at 21:27 on 29 Jan 2012

Great talk! Kore and Tobias are a great combination and together they make sure that you won't miss out on a single detail. The examples were good.

Although things covered in this talk was basic OO design (kinda obvious), i learned about the SOLID principle, and raised awareness on the importance of good OO software design.

Anonymous at 09:34 on 30 Jan 2012

This was great, learned some new things :-)

Great talk, very good info, Kore and Tobias make an excellent speaker combo
I would have normally given 4 hands, but because Tobias looks like John Travolta? -> I'm giving 5

Again, you two are a dynamic duo. Great combo together.
Great talk, very informative.