7 Tools for Your devops stack


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Nice talk on a subject, for which the problems I often just accept.
Great to here there are a lot of possibilities and that there are a lot of solutions available.

Good speaker and a nice talk. Unfortunately there are still a lot of developers who are not interested in how things are hosted and maintained.. This talk could be the glue between these two fronts

Interesting viewpoints but I missed some enthusiasm and personal motivation.

good understandable and informativ

Nice engagement of the public, on an interesting topic. I got what I expected from the title.
To get the maximum it should be tailored to its audience, the PHP community in this case.

Very good talk. Lots of new tools to pick up and look at at. Nicely delivered and entertaining.

Nice to see the weapons of choice of someone that has years of experience. Good talk!

I already knew a lot of the tools but it was priceless to hear someone with this much experience talk about them in a devops context (it's not just about tools). Very very interesting talk.

Nice talk with some cool new tools I didn't know about. I would have like to see more real examples how I could use those tools.

Great talk. Gave an excellent insight into the devops side of development.

Nice talk and a great effort to bring the developers and the ops guys close together.

Learned about a couple of new tools and many I already know. Very inspiring. Made me believe again that I have to concern myself even more with DevOps.

Your speaking and interacting style was very fluent, but I 'm dissapointed by the content of the talk. You gave almost no details with the tools you "covered". It was more a list that won 't persuade to use them unless you already are. Looking at previous comments I believe that most commenters already know these tools or most of them.

And I really get that sysadmins and developers should communicate and work together, but you focus too much on this leaving little time to cover some details in other areas of your talk.