RESTful Services Made Easy with ZF2


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awesome talk guys.
100% usefull

Great tutorial, I had learn a lot of information in ZF2, realy thanks you guys

Great informative talk. One tiny comment: the workshop part wasn't really a workshop as it could have been.

Good tutorial, maybe an small overview of the app in the beginning would be good.

Very theoretical and abstract on zf2 in the first half, explaining concepts and functions, but not the reasons on why or how it fits in the big picture. Might be good to revisit this part and make some adjustments so it becomes more easy to listen too and see the bigger picture.

REST part was very interesting.

I would have hoped to see a demo of the application, combined with the code next to it on how it is implemented.

Overall it was well presented and was very interesting information and content-wise I got the information I was looking for.

Nice talk. Too bad it was only half a day so we didn't get to do a lot of code samples ourselves.