Models and Service Layers; Hemoglobin and Hobgoblins


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Great talk. Good content presented in a nice way (and with suprising energy at 9am)

Anonymous at 10:00 on 25 Jan 2014

Easily the best talk at phpbenelux so far. Very well presented, and interesting content. PHP is growing up..

Entertaining as always. And I even managed to learn things at that hour!

Entertaining talk. The preparation paid well off. I am happy to see a talk which starts at a very basic level and increases its complexity step by step.

Superb talk. Brought by an incredibly smooth and energetic Ross (even for the hour). Funny at the right times, always informative.

Awesome talk! Very practical talk on domain models. Good addition to other more theoretical talks on domain models.

I am very happy that someone talked about this very important topic. I think nobody could have done it better than Ross. This was very interesting content and very well brought!

By far the best talk that explained concepts very well, especially with regard to amount of code on slides - it was easy to follow.

By far the most informative and entertaining talk of this PHP Benelux edition. Great show!

Really triggered me to think and make room for new viewpoints. Brought on a clear, entertaining, funny way. Please keep doing this, thank you.

Another great talk from Ross. Enjoyed this one pretty much as usual. One of the best talks this year.

Awesome talk, definitely one of the highlights of #phpbnl14.
It was an eye opener on where to put my logic when working with models and services. The talk was fast paced and very entertaining, just what I needed as the first talk in the morning.

Yes, great talk :) it was early but it definitely helped me understand CQRS and service layers!!

One of the better talks of the conference

We've been moving into this direction for some time but struggle with the actual implementation. This talk was:

a) A great confirmation of idea's
b) An inspiration, new energy
c) Practically useful since it offered a couple of new idea's

And funny!

Truly a great talk. The pace was fast so you really had to pay attention to keep up, but I managed to do that (most of the time) and enjoyed it a lot. Well presented, good slides and very informative.

Really liked the style of presenting. Must say that I really had to hang in there to follow the presentation. The pace could have been a little slower. Apart from that a very useful and informative presentation!

Really good talk. Great delivery and very well structured content. Enjoyed it a lot even though it was 9am in second day.

Content and form were just excellent. That is all :)

Best talk of the conference! Well presented and informative.

You sure know how to make your audience warm for design patterns!
Great informative talk with examples that are easy to understand.

First introduction to CQRS for me, and I was blown away. Came into the talk with a "meh, I know services, so let's see what this guy can teach me" attitude, and left with new viewpoints, a lot of excitement about CQRS and a book recommendation. So.. great succes!

I also liked the presentation style a lot. Funny, machine-gun-fast and very clear.

This was a great talk presented by an excellent speaker. The introduction to DDD, CQRS, etc were very clear and easy to understand. The examples were very appropriate and easy to digest as the talk progressed.