PHP Performance: Under The Hood


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The talk was very interesting, with a lot of details that you normally would never look into.

I do not know if it has that much practial use, because, just like the speaker mentioned, normally performance problems are more on the DB/API level, and not on the PHP level.

If this talk would have come with one real life story of some optimization that made the difference with the help of those tools, the talk would have been perfect.

It still was very interesting on an intellectual level, just to know a little bit more what is going on "under the hood".
I really liked that insight and found it interesting.

interesting material. very well explained what what does.

Great talk, which covered details about PHP that I feel every professional PHP developer should have at least a basic understanding of. The information was presented in a clear, easy to understand way. It was clear Davey put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this presentation, and it paid off.

The only criticism I could possibly provide is maybe to adjust the talk title to avoid any misinterpretation that this talk would be providing concrete optimization ideas that could be immediately applied. The disclaimer at the beginning was helpful to set the correct expectations.

Overall, fantastic talk.

Nice basic explanation of the opcodes and other things we usually ignore. I do agree with Koen that in most cases there's no practical use (anymoresince 5.3)

As said by others, I'd rename the talk to something like PHP Opcode: Under the hood. There was no real use case for realistic optimisations.

However, this concept is something every advanced php developer should know. The information was of a good level, it was well prepared and resulted in a good Q&A afterwards.

Very interesting talk and great to know what goes on under the bonnet. Brought very lively by Davey.

Enjoyed the knowledgeable and entertaining presentation. It might not be practical but it's very nice to know how it all works under the hood.

I agree with Evan who stole my verbal remarks and posted them as his own. I would suggest re-titling as realistically there was not so much performance ideas, as an understanding of what happens between writing your text file and the Zend Engine coming into play. Even so, it was interesting and entertaining.

Awesome stuff. Personal top 3 ranking @ this years event.

I read the PHP internals book two weeks ago so this was a nice rehearsal, with some complementary material! It would be awesome if you found a way for that extra information to get into the internals book.

Anonymous at 13:48 on 26 Jan 2014

You're a very competent speaker, even if you don't GROK the material a 100% (thanks Sarah for sidenotes!). The talk was awesome, and it's always a pleasure to see someone explaining php internals really well. Here be dragons!

Interesting talk, well explained. I never think about the tokens and opcodes much, but it's good to see people can get excited about them.

Great speaker, interesting talk. Learned a lot from this internals stuff.

Learned a lot of new stuff. Thank you

Enjoyed this talk, learned a lot. Perhaps leave the word "Performance" out of the title?

Very interesting talk.
I learned a lot on the way opcode and function call works under the hood.

Nice talk which gave a good beginner insight into PHP's inner workings. The title was a bit deceptive, but micro-optimisations are barely interesting anyways.

Very informative talk. Not sure if this stuff is all that useful for my day to day work with PHP, but it's always good to understand how the tools you are using work under the hood.

It was an interesting talk.

Very interesting talk. Nice to know, but in the end maybe not that usefull for the day-to-day programming.

It was nice to see what happens with PHP code internally.

Excellent talk. The subject is not easy to understand, but Davey did a great job explaining everything in a clear and concise way.