What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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I’ll give a two-part critique listing my thoughts on what could be done differently, and what were wonderful.

It could just be my jetlag from having just arrived the day of, but I found the speaker dinner to be a little over the top and unnecessary. I think it was very thoughtful, curious and interesting, but I’m not sure it was as enjoyable. It may be that for a crowd of this nature, something more stimulating -- “interesting” -- might be more appropriate; or something that’s fun, but participatory of people’s own volition.

Similarly, I thought the magic show at the end of the conference, while well-intentioned, was unnecessary and a little over the top. If it were absolutely spectacular the reception may have been different, but it felt trite. Also it might be worth considering that this was at the end after the raffles and closing, being played to what was at that point essentially a captive audience. :)

The lunch during the conference could perhaps be improved by providing more options of local cheeses and cured meats. Also, access to drinking water was harder than I would have expected.

Now on to the good stuff. I liked the attention to detail in all the little things -- for example, airport pick-ups and drop-offs, a pack of good Belgian beers and chocolates for the speakers, and the themed nature of communication throughout. Very much appreciated. The little things don’t seem like much, but they add up, are noticed, and make it special. Thank you!

Belgian beers through the conference were a great idea. Despite the cold, I really liked the idea of Belgian fast food in the form of sausages and frites for dinner on day 1 -- I thought that brought a little of the Belgian street night life to the conference.

The nightly socials were an excellent way to mingle with others at the conference. I particularly enjoyed the dynamics of interactions that having multiple spaces created. I also very much appreciated the “quiet room”; that was very thoughtful, and is definitely a keeper.

Dinner on the second day of the conference was excellent, and was a good showcase for Belgium and the region.

Acoustics in the rooms were very good. Organization throughout was top-notch. I enjoyed the communal, down-to-earth vibe of the conference, a very nice mix of collective fun and learning.

Awesome experience, I really did "enjoy the show"!

This was the first time I attended a PHP Benelux conference, and I must say it was an amazing experience! I say a lot of great talks, at the Uncon as well, and met a lot of new interesting people. I especially liked the open atmosphere! Everyone was really relaxed and engaged. I'm looking forward to the next time :)

My first PHP Benelux, I was only there by chance, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I met some awesome new people and caught up with friends. A conference like this is a hotbed for building communities and bridges, and the value in that is immeasurable. The talks I attended were great, and the tutorial I went to was amazing. Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and of course the organisers. I shall certainly be looking at attending again in the future (or maybe you can accept my talks, wink wink!)

The crew was very welcoming. It was my first PHP benelux so it was nice to see the community.

Amazing conference, keeps getting better and better every year. One can clearly see that the @phpbenelux crew loves what they do. The organizers are paying attention to each minor detail and try to improve every year.

Great conference, one minor suggestion only:

- In the Rubens room there is only a low table that is standing in the corner. That makes it hard for speakers to speak freely especially since you have to hold a microphone as well. A standing desk + mic to the head would allow to concentrate more on transporting the message.

I'm at a loss for words really... The keynote was fenominal, which set the tone for the rest of the conference, but still, they really take care of their attendees. When events are organised well, when you get into the vibe, you never see the strings, only the puppets.

My only point of improvement:
- Perhaps try to set separate groups when it's food time (with colored Lanyards or something easy) so that lines don't grow too long.

Especially well-executed:
- There was no long-winded raffle in the end, but each sponsor took care of their own winners. This is *genius*.

My 6th PHPBenelux conference so far, and each year it has been a great experience.

One point that could be improved is the attention paid to special diets (vegetarians / vegans / ...). I am vegetarian myself. On Friday evening, AFAIK there were only fries prepared in animal fat (I asked the crew at the fries stand). So vegan/vegetarian people didn't have anything to eat.
On Saturday evening there were vegetables, a salad and potatoes, which was good enough.
Maybe from next year on you could install a separate area with food for those with special diet requirements? This might even shorten the waiting rows of meat-lovers as well.

This has been the most inspiring conference ive been to so far.
also, i enjoyed the venue.
I liked there were enough places to sit and relax, some conferences lack that.
shuttle bus service is great, although in all honesty i would have benefitted from it if it went a little bit more often, but never the less i apprecciated it.
Almost all speakers i saw were great, and i felt everything ran smoothly (no delays or anything).
Service was great and very friendly, the sponsor hall was very enjoyable.

The mens toilet could get a bit crowded between sessions though.

Ive used thd app throughout the weekend. I wwont say its great, but it was very useful.

i had practically no problems with internet, maybe one of two connectiom drops, but only briefly.

So, i really enjoyed it, more than i thought i would, and you'll be seeing me again next year. :)