Talk comments

the raffles were great, and the magic audience clapping trick was the best act!

We lost someone on our way from the front door to the shuttle bus. 5/5 would social again.

This keynote was inspiring for me in so many ways, not in the least because it helped me understand the jewish / talmudic side of things a little better again :-) This year I will try to contribute to an increased empathy within niche PHP technical communities (strangely enough WordPress is one of them) towards the larger community of PHP developers and beyond. I hope to make many friends along the way!

I seeI forgot to rate the keynote, how could I?

As a keynote should be: inspiring, motivating, stuff that makes you think.

A lot of things already sounded familiar to me, but a lot of thins can also be improved. Our team already discussed some of the idea's of this talk, so mission succeeded I would say.

This talk was really interesting, and I felt as though it was delivered in a great way, and had quite a bit of interesting content. You were also excellent at fielding questions, which can sometimes be difficult. The only real issue I had was the lack of examples, and by that I mean when deciding on the terms to use is actually a challenge. It would have been nice to hear about when a client had called something 'x', you had called it 'y' and then 'z' was decided on?

I think that was really the only thing missing from the talk, the rest of the content and everything else was great, I just think it would have benefited from a more complex example.

It was really interesting to see the figures around Etsy and the system that is able to handle all of that traffic. I felt as though the talk was delivered very well, and the material was great, I was just hoping for me a bit more on the technical side of things, such as hardware optimisations. I actually found the way you'd implemented the queue system interesting, but I feel as though a lot of the issues you had with processing items could be avoided with a proper queue system. While you talked through more of the system, all I could think of was "RabbitMQ would be perfect for this".

If Etsy do eventually migrate to a more traditional queue system, it would be interesting to see what kind of performances changes you experienced, and if the codebase became cleaner or more complex.

This talk gave a really good intro on how Microservices can be used, and also their benefits within existing projects. The theory was very good, and the talk was delivered in a brilliant way, but I feel as though it was let down by the lack of practical examples. I know there was some very precise questions asked, and without the experience to go off, there wasn't much you could say. Other than that, brilliant talk.

This talk was brilliant, I saw some of myself in the examples you were giving, and some things I'd like to change. The idea that experiments are always greater than opinions really stuck with me, and I'm hoping I can apply that concept more in my professional life. For me, this was one of the best talks in the conference, a great topic delivered in a fantastic way. I know at the office we're now trying to use the whiteboard more, and action ideas in some form rather than just discussing them and going around in circles.

So yes, this talk was really beneficial to me, and also very enjoyable, keep up the good work!