Opening & Keynote; Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Software Developer


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Excellent talk. Really enjoyed the comparison between the Talmud teachings and the way they apply to Software Development, but more importantly to grow as a Software Craftsman

Highly insightful

As mentioned before on Twitter, Yitzchok Willroth's opening keynote really goes up to eleven. I wish I had heard this talk when I started coding with PHP some 14 years ago. I can highly recommend it.

An amazing talk, which comes as no surprise. Really good takeaways, I walked out with a few personal bullet points to improve with myself. Really enjoyed the emphasis on being apart of successively larger and concentric communities, as well as the call to action for cultivating mentors and being a mentor.

As a side benefit, TIL what the Talmud actually is.

Had been looking forward to this talk; I missed it at PHP World 2014. Absolutely fantastic.

Great keynote with a lot of valuable lessons. Everybody should see this talk!

Anonymous at 17:34 on 23 Jan 2015

Fantastic presentation. Many insights and very well presented.

Anonymous at 17:34 on 23 Jan 2015

Fantastic presentation. Many insights and very well presented.

Very inspirational and highly unusual talk. Perfect fit for a keynote.

Second time I see this presentation: still very encouraging call to action for PHP developers that want to grow.

Excellent talk!

Best.Keynote.Ever. Thank you ;)

Very inspiring!

Coolest. Guy. Ever.

His universal advice is very inspiring, yet practical. Don't break the chain!

Very inspiring. Thank you!

I'd been looking forward to this keynote with interest, and Yitz didn't disappoint. While I'd expected to take a lot from the talk, it was still so much more than I'd expected.

I've been working in software development for 30 years now, and now I know that I have to turn around and continue for another 30 years

Very nice talk for a keynote. It confirms my look at programming and being a developer. Hard part will still be to practice it like that.

Very motivating and inspiring. This was about so much more than programming alone.

Very refreshing and inspiring

One of the best keynote I ever saw. Inspiring! Respect Mr Rabbi.

Very inspiring keynote, great deliverance! Took multiple notes, of which some wake-up calls :)

This was a excellent talk. Quite a few very insightful messages.

An excellent and very insightful keynote, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Great talk, had a lot of chutzpah.

Very original and interesting talk!

Anonymous at 17:16 on 24 Jan 2015

Ultra awesome

Anonymous at 19:17 on 24 Jan 2015

Best talk ever.
Very motivating and inspiring, Thank you :)

Very inspiring keynote. It left me wanting to do stuff. To get it.

Easily the best keynote I have ever seen!

Inspirational and a good motivator to go outside your comfort zone to grow as a person and as a developer

Very inspiring as a keynote should be.

Inspiring, insightful and motivational.

Wow, what an inspiring talk, I could not imagine a better keynote. Such a cool and composed speaker, and a great subject! It is evident that a ton of love and care has been put into preparing the talk; really, really well done!

Being the 34th person to comment on this, I've scanned the list as I was thinking about what to write. I allow myself to do that when I've already decided on a rating - and this was a no-brainer 5-thumbs-up**

Never have I seen such a long list of exclusively 5-thumbs-up. Never before was it so deserved imo. This talk goes to the very core of being a human and bringing out the best in yourself, on a practical level.

I always try to add a single tip or improvement to the talk ratings, even when I like them. But in this case, there is simply no need to change anything...

** in fact, I'm contemplating doing a pull-request on to add another thumbs up *just* for this keynote

Nice to see a tradition starting. We can always get new insights from wise people and traditions or other professions.

A very nice intro to software craftsmanship.

Anonymous at 15:03 on 26 Jan 2015

Very inspiring talk!

One of the best I've attended! Very inspiring message, and I really liked the "homework" (I wrote down a lot). It's effects will definitively last for quite some time!

I was looking forward to this keynote and it didn't delude me. Awesome talk, very inspiring.

Thanks for your talk, you gave me a lot of inspiration and a lot to think about. :-)

It is not often that pure wisdom is so clearly visible in the way someone speaks. That however obviously is the case when experiencing this talk. Experiencing, not just listening, as the presenter takes you by the hand and makes you feel part of his stories. Excellent presentation. Excellent performance. Thanks!

Great talk, and very well delivered!

Perfect opening keynote!
Very well presented.

Also very inspiring.

I walked around with 4 items on my card, and just started up ZürichPHP, so, thank you for the extreme inspiration and for sharing great insights :)

This talk, for me, was the perfect mix of inspirational and informative, delivered in a brilliant way. Although the talk focussed on taking just one thing from it, I know I took more than that, and a page of sketch notes (I can't draw).

One thing I've always wanted to do is contribute to the open source community, but I've never known where to start, so hearing about was very useful for me.

Another big win for me was the emphasis on pairing. I've always known the benefits of it, but after hearing it described and utilised in that way, I'm finally going to try and work it into my routine.

Once I've got my dev schedule worked out, I'll also be signing up for, but one thing at a time, eh?

I thought the content and delivery of the talk was fantastic, and I'm sure it'll inspire developers that see it in the future as much as it has inspired me.

I seeI forgot to rate the keynote, how could I?

As a keynote should be: inspiring, motivating, stuff that makes you think.

A lot of things already sounded familiar to me, but a lot of thins can also be improved. Our team already discussed some of the idea's of this talk, so mission succeeded I would say.

This keynote was inspiring for me in so many ways, not in the least because it helped me understand the jewish / talmudic side of things a little better again :-) This year I will try to contribute to an increased empathy within niche PHP technical communities (strangely enough WordPress is one of them) towards the larger community of PHP developers and beyond. I hope to make many friends along the way!

I think you inspired everyone in the room with this keynote.