What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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I agree, great location and great service. As a speaker I was surprised that there actually was a microphone that I could use, which was really nice! The seats weren't that comfortable. The drinks and snacks were fantastic though. Big thumbs up for the host, I had a great evening!

Good location and great service. Snacks were nice.
Chairs were not that comfortable though...

that was me, as you could've guessed from the vegetarian part ;)

Anonymous at 12:38 on 11 May 2011

Like the location, enough parking space. I really liked the energy drinks at the end, and the fact that they gave out some extra ones. This morning in the car on the way to my customer, that was a very welcome drink ;)

Only downside was the fact that there were no vegetarian snacks during the drinks afterwards.

Agree with Michelangelo here; the chairs weren't all too comfortable. Nonetheless, great service and you won me over by having Brand :) Also, there was a great atmosphere, so all in all, a very nice place to be.

DragonBe: Did you not notice the fact that ALL e-sites employees were STANDING in the back instead of sitting on the chairs :-)

Also, you should prepare for the worst and have a insta-coffee-machine in your car at all times!

Liked the meetup and the building, brings back memories. A bit sad we were "kicked out" since they wanted to close down the place, but at least we could continue outside for a while.

Thanks to esites for the hosting & drinks!

Great place and good service. Very nice place to stay.

BUT : No more coffee to sit through 2nd part!!! That's a fail

Also, the chairs are not really comfortable to sit a couple of hours