Talk comments

Didn't see this talk before, I must have been the only one...

Very good talk with a lot of information on how to do database version control. Good in-depth information where useful, but not too much.
Very good pointers for things to look out for and some good suggestions on what available tools you can use or how to create some simple tools yourself.

I also did see the talk earlier on DPC. The talk however remains interesting, and very recognisable. The presentation was clear, amusing and informative.

Good talk with some nice insights into e-sites.
Do try to look at the audience when talking and not at the screen, a remote might be useful.

Funny that almost everyone has seen this talk before, same for me :)
Still it's a good talk and it's nice to see new solutions have been added like Doctrine (thanks to Stefan ;))

I've seen a talk about the Joel Test before so it was nice to see how e-sites implements the test instead of the theory behind the Joel test.

The content of the talk was good, but rushed. Obviously, squeezing a subject such as phing in half an hour of time will make sure that you have to rush to the talk. Perhaps it would be better to generalise and give an extensive explanation on *why* things like phing exist, and how you benefit from using it, instead of showing build files. That's not to say that build files aren't interesting, but that's something the audience can simply look up once they get home. Getting to know the theory behind seems more important. Mind you: this is in my experience only. It might well be others prefer a much more hands-on approach.

When it comes to the presentation itself, I'm delighted to say that I liked it. One thing to be aware of is that you don't speak all too loudly (even with the microphone on), and being deaf on one side made your story a little harder to follow from time to time. The second, as I'm sure you'll now be aware is that it's not a good idea to position your laptop straight in front of the beamer; if you put it *next* to the beamer, chances are (much) slimmer that you'll stand in the way of the screen.

Also, make sure you have more contrast on the screen, or a higher resolution beamer. It was extremely hard to read what was going on in gnome-terminal. Luckily, I understand what phing means when it comes back with red and/or green text :)

All in all, good talk, nice introduction to those unfamiliar with phing.

It was the second time for me too. It is an excellent talk on how you can accomplish database version control, and your talk (the time before this one) has given me the inspiration and was the motivation of our current deployment scripts here at the office, so I really did get something out of it.

When it comes to presenting skills, I can think of nothing to improve. The switch from English to Dutch didn't deteriorate the quality of the talk even one bit. Very well done, Harrie.

Good talk. I do have to admit though that I was hoping that the talk was more focused on the theory ("why?") instead of the implementation ("how?"). As was indicated by the (to me rather shocking) abundance of raised hands to the question "Who here doesn't know the Joel test?", it might not hurt explaining *why* certain decisions were made, instead of how the deployment script actually works.

Nonetheless, this was the first talk where I actually got to see how another company does deployment and that's interesting -- I never had that pleasure before. Do be aware that, as Erik already mentioned, once you start to spread your (rightly earned) feelings of pride, it might come off as a sales pitch to your audience, although I'm sure that wasn't the idea at all.

As for your presenting: it was good. Being deaf in one ear though, I would like to point out that once you look at the screen to see what you're showing the audience and you start talking whilst being turned around, it's impossible to make much of what you were saying. But this is nitpicking; great presentation and I hope you'll follow up on it.

Liked the presentation. Knowing Marco, I'd really like to have seen a presentation about UML (why, how etc :)).

Especially in a short timeslot like yesterday, maybe either focus on the global idea behind phing and then have only 1 or 2 more in-depth items, instead of trying to fit everything into 30 minutes. Doing AND phing AND jenkins AND own plugins AND etc.. might result in not getting any info over to the public at all.

Nice talk, thanks for sharing nice ideas about the deployment process.

The tooling demo's where indeed difficult to read.

Not sure why the the deployment application and the live error monitoring application where split up in two applications.