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An excellent example of how it is when a speaker knows his subject; no preparation and still the guts to do it, including live demo.

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Thanks for the feedback and my apologies for trying to stick to Dutch. Since this was a first time for this talk, and since I actually didn't rehearse at all, I let my shyness take the better of me. Thanks to whoever was so convincing to push me through, though ;).

A kick ass moment: Martin deciding to do a Vagrant talk and only taking 15 minutes to prepare. Speaking of an "in promptu" appearance.

He did it in style, with class and without hesitation.

It's a pitty that the real-life demo was kind of slow. But this was a excellent talk nonetheless.

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I really liked this presentation. It was more a mindset changer than an in-depth tech talk. Nevertheless I learned some really nice tricks.

I also liked the visual aspect of the talk: I can appreciate a speaker invests in a nice slide deck.

One thing bothered me a tiny bit: Jurriaan wanted to continue in Dutch, eventhough a couple of non-Dutch speakers were in the audience. He did switch and did a good job. But those things should come naturally to a guy like Jurriaan.

What's next? I would love to see Jurriaan do a hardcore technical talk about the API and the DSL. He triggered our attention and now we want to learn more ;-)

Great job Jurriaan!

So awesome that you took the effort to jump in and do such a great talk about Vagrant. Got me really excited to start using it myself :)

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Great introduction to ElasticSearch. Well presented and great to see a few actual use cases :)

Great talk, especially considering you only had a very small amount of time to prepare for it. At least now we know we're not the only ones who prefer Chef :p.

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Great introduction to using ElasticSearch, it actually helped us to choose between Solr & ElasticSearch for one of our next projects (guess what we're going to use :p).

btw This blog series has a nice - and unbiased - overview of Solr vs ElasticSearch :

Well that was the only thing we needed to jump on the vagrant wagon, a nice example of how simple you get started. fantastic dropin :)

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this just added another thing to try to my list :)

nicely explained, and simply shown the power of its simplicity