Talk comments

A good presentation on Continuous Integration. I'm convinced that it's good to use CI. I would have liked to know more about how to install stuff into the CI server. Since there was plenty of time left, some practical demonstration would have added a nice bonus.

Very interesting talk. I have to deal with web services every once in a while, and I was curious how someone else tackles them. Too bad the ZF setup took quite some time. This resulted in the last couple of promising slides to be skipped.
For a first talk this was quite good. A lot of ground was covered, and it never became boring. Like other people mentioned, it was a bit hard to hear you. But maybe we should just have asked that during the talk :-)

good overview of all tools available for integrating with phpUC!

Good presentation, both in structure and manner of presenting. The talk offered a clear outline of the benefits of CI and how it can help improve your codebase, and what components PHPUnderControl consists of.

A bit more hands-on on what's required in order to actually set things up and get started would be appreciated, although the tutorial pointed to in the presentation will probably help with that.

The talk itself was technically useful for me. I've set up a Zend_Soap_Server based SOAP-webservice a few weeks ago, and was glad to see the way you explained it matched what I did. Especially the "gotchas" I had to find out by myself (wsdl caching!) would have been very useful to know when I got started.

I particularly enjoyed the overview of the different webservice protocols. All I knew was SOAP and REST - knowing about JSON-RPC is better.

Also, try to speak up a bit more (or arrange for a microphone). At times, you were very hard to hear in the back, especially when trailing off into a side-track point.

very complete talk with even an introduction to Zend Framework. very well done. just make sure you maintain a certain pace, and you might rock on stage of an international PHP conference

Jonas proved to be a very talented speaker. Building up his story from zero to all inclusive was great. I was very interested in his zf way of implementing services. Only 2 small notices, try to speak a bit louder when there is no microphone. And unfortunatly there wasn't enough time for the last few slides which looked very interesting.

Again a great presentation by Martin, but as a PHP fanboy, I would like to see more examples for usage with Phing for those nifty tools that you want to use with your CI. Not that ANT can do the job, but just because I can hack into Phing to make it run smoother.

Just my $ 0.02