It has been crazy times for everyone who's doing PHP. When talking to people, I hear nothing but heavy work load and tough deadlines.

So for all you hard workers out there, we're happy to announce our next meeting on May 4, 2011. We had to postpone our planned meeting due to Microsoft TechDays which is taking place at the end of April and is drawing in a lot of PHP folks.

This meeting is all about Unit Testing, so if you want to improve your testing skills, be sure to join us!

Drinks on this meeting are proudly sponsored by Ausy/Dataflow Consultancy:
Ausy/DataFlow is a full-service ICT company with its head office in Leuven and offices in Brussels, Geel and Luxembourg. More than 500 consultants provide consultancy services to our customers, manage high-tech projects, and implement integrated solutions.

Our first speaker is Tom Van Herreweghe (@miljar) with his talk "Client-side Javascript Unit Testing".

As a PHP developer, you've probably had to deal with Javascript at some point in your career. Some of the Javascript code you've written may even have been pretty complex. What happens if you need to make some changes? Will it break existing functionality? The only way to really know if everything is still working, is by unit testing your Javascript. This talk will introduce you to QUnit for creating Javascript unit tests and JsTestDriver for automating these tests.

Our second speaker is Michelangelo van Dam (@DragonBe) with his talk "Unit testing with Zend Framework" where Michelangelo will go deeper and further into the magical world of unit testing Zend Framework applications.

In 2010, I told everyone how to start unit testing Zend Framework applications. In 2011, let’s take this a step further by testing services, work flows and performance. Looking to raise the bar on quality? Let this talk be the push you need to improve your Zend Framework projects.

The schedule:
19:00 - 19:30: Arrival & Drinks
19:30 - 20:20: Tom Van Herreweghe - Client-side Javascript Unit Testing
20:20 - 20:30: Break
20:30 - 21:20: Michelangelo van Dam - Unit Testing with Zend Framework
21:20 - 21:30: A word from our sponsor
21:30 - .....: Networking & drinks