Talk comments

Yeah, I made a bit of a boo boo.

I had underestimated the work it takes to make a good presentation, so what I ended up presenting was what could be best described as a first draft for a presentation, and without having rehearsed it. (unless you count talking to yourself in the car a rehearsal)

I am certainly going to develop it further and actually rehearse it so I will be able to redeem myself a little bit.

Anonymous at 10:12 on 29 Nov 2012

First time giving a talk for Erik? I say let's see some more!

A few suggestions:
being humble is ok, but realize that you have more knowledge than many of us combined in the audience. Don't be afraid to share that knowledge. The session wasn't very detailed, but at least it gave us a clear idea on why to use imagick. In the discussion afterwards Erik shows his knowledge once again.

Keep it up and definitely consider giving other talks in the future, I'll be there!

Anonymous at 10:10 on 29 Nov 2012

An interesting talk that could have been a bith more in depth, but hey, you only have one hour right? I'm looking forward to seeing him speak again. Keep it up Stijn!

For a short term notice and limited preparation time I have to say: job well done!

There are a few things you need to pay attention to when talking in front of an audience:

1) appear confident
Don't say you're no good at something or you have no ideas about something… you're human, so that is a given fact. Instead, mention you have investigated the topic in depth and these are things you learned along the way.

2) use higher quality images
You were talking about the features Imagick provides, but the images you used were pixelated and blurry at some times. If you want to make a point, use higher quality images so people look at it and say "wow, I want this too".

If you prepare this talk a little further, I'll ping my friends over at AmsterdamPHP and PFZ to have you come and speak there as well. Practice will turn good into great, right!

Good job!

A very well presented talk on a subject that really affects all web developers, not just PHP developers. Stijn has shown great skill presenting the topics, knows the contents well and is not shy of interacting with the audience.

I see a great speaker in the works...

The subject could have been explained in some more detail, but during the Q&A and discussion afterwards I learned a few more things ... and thats what it is all about

Interesting talk and certainly not the last from Stijn for a phpbenelux meetup ;)