Talk comments

Being not familiar with Symfony I found it very interesting to learn about some of the components it offers that can be used without using all of Symfony.

Generaly speaking there was good focus on the fact that there's no need to stick to just one framework.

Maybe some more attention on the specific strengths that make either framework more suitable as the leading one in a specific project could be nice.

Both entertaining and interesting. It made me take a fresh look at how I 'use to do' certain things' which I always consider a good thing.

Excellent way of showing that even though you think you know PHP, there's always those sneaky things you don't just know. Excellent quiz, a lot of fun :)

I think the fact that the 'big' (aka. enterprise-level) PHP frameworks acknowledge each other's strong points and make an effort to make integration possible, is great.

Stefan gave a great introduction and some code examples on how to start using components from other frameworks in your framework of choice, starting today.

Not only was this presentation very interesting and eye-opening, it was also very funny and entertaining. A great mix!

A very interesting presentation, up to now I've only been using Zend Framework as a component library and didn't even knew that Symfony had the same option.
Thanks to Stefan's excellent explaination and the heaps of code in the presentation everything became clear pretty fast.

It definitly caught my attention to go and look what Symfony components can do for me.

Although this quizz wasn't any good for my self confidence, it sure pointed out once again to me what problems loose types can cause in validation.

Very interesting to attend, and good to see the facts again.

Stefan has done a great job showing us how easy it is to use the power of Symfony within Zend Framework applications and vice versa.

It became clear to me that using both frameworks, you no longer have an excuse that building a solution is a hard job... the frameworks are there to help you and Stefan shows you how !

Awesome !!!