Talk comments

About the slides... Can i find them online ?

As a developer this was an eye-opener! A very informative and clear talk with a nice set of slides.

It was an interesting talk that covered the basics. Would have love to see more in-depth examples though I realise the talk would have been longer with the co-speaker and thus there would be less time to go in-depth. Too bad about the Google App Engine.

Anyway, overal it was well done talk.

Thanks for the feedback and I agree with the comments:) I know that my talk was not in-depth. I should have elaborated a more on technical aspects of deploying, managing, etc on AWS.

Great talk! Learned a bunch. Was very nice to see the dangers of insecure web applications. Thanks for the great talk.

Pretty basic talk about AWS. I was really looking forward to an in-depth view on Google App Engine, too bad your colleague fell out sick. Try to learn at least some of the content of the other part of the talk so you can give at least an overview of the features and highlight some advantages.

Speaking overall was well done. Even though it was obvious English isn't your native language, I could clearly understand you.

5-stars, no doubt about that. Mattias really knows his stuff and showed us the dangerous world we live in. As a fellow webhoster, I agree with everything he had to say and I hope that developers realize that there's a lot of ugly tings happening out there.

This is definitely conference material and I would advise Mattias to submit this to other conference. I would vouche for this talk!

I understand that the co-speaker was sick and that this impacts the talk. But as a speaker you should compensate for that.

The talk was too short and that was a bit of a shame. There are some many stories to tell about Amazon AWS. I wish you would share more of your experiences.

This was a bit too "AWS 101" for me.

My advice: work on it, turn it into a full AWS talk, spend more time on some of the cool features and convince developers that you can do some really awesome automation with it.

A very good talk on the "not so evident" aspects of security with clear examples. A job very well done!

Interesting talk. Try to have less of the same examples... like the ch() thing. Personal stories make things have that "extra". Loved your slides. Clear, simple...