Talk comments

What I would like to see in the talk like this are THE advantages of git over subversion. Sure, it's distributed, but that result in more overhead by pushing and pulling from and to other repositories. But what else?

Why as a hardcore subversion fanboi would I want to convert everything to Git? That question isn't really answered. Maybe talk a bit more about the differences instead of the similarities. Things like git stash, cherry picking, bisect etc. You don't need to go into details about how it works, but what you can do with it and why these functions are so nice (maybe with small examples).

I'm sure git has enough advantages that would make svn-users want to convert, but I haven't really heard them :)

(also, try to avoid the word "basically". A lot of dutch speakers (myself included) use it too much..)

More graphics will indeed help to better understand git, but it is anyway a presentation that makes you look up for more information about git - which I think is a good thing.

Nice talk. Try to make it a bit shorter the next time :) The examples in the second part of the talk were a very nice way to demonstration real-life usage for iterators, something that wasn't really clear in the first part. All and all a nice talk, waiting for the English version :)

You gave a warm & welcoming overview of the power of PHP iterators. It was funny, informal but yet full with knowledge good to be shared. Perhaps some performance facts/numbers will also help to convince more from audience, but all-in-all it was a complete presentation.

Nice introduction, maybe the presentation can be enlightened by examples. But that probably makes the session much longer. I currently only have subversion experience but certainly give git a try.
I also had the idea you were a little nervous. Overall good job.

Very nice talk. It was a good brain refresher and I had some 'gotcha' moments like now I finally understand the IteratorIterators. The examples were great fun. You should do this more often.

Excellent overview of iterators, going through some of the standard iterators and implementing your own iterators. Brought in a very laidback way which was easy to follow by everyone (as far as I could see). Very well done, you need to start submitting this to conferences!

A good abstract talk about using git with it's most useful features. Too bad Stefan did't use any graphics to emphasize what he explained. An image says more than a thousand words.

Also, try to slow down a bit. It looks as though you're nervous. You know you can do it, so relax and imagine the audience na… err, sleeping :-)

All in all, clean, to the point and the talk for anyone starting with git.