After a successful first meetup we are motivated to continue what we started. We have learned a bunch to make the experience better.

Thursday 8th October 2020

Intro & Housekeeping notes in Intro and announcements (10 minutes)

Welcome opening by PHPBenelux and some housekeeping notes

Kickass Laravel Development with Docker
Talk by David McKay in Speaker sessions (50 minutes)

Docker is a tool that allows you to package your application up into a single-runnable, distributable, binary; which is great for deploying your applications to production ... but what about local development? Allow me to introduce you to Docker and it's fundamentals, before quickly moving on to crafting great development environments, with Docker Compose, that encapsulate your non-PHP depdencies: such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and more. You'll walk away from this session with the knowledge to write your own container based workflows, for development and production; so be prepared to throw away your Vagrantfile's when you get back to the office :D

20:10 Looping the Loop with SPL Iterators
Talk by Mark Baker in Speaker sessions (50 minutes)

An often-forgotten part of PHP, just looking at the content list for the Standard PHP Library (SPL) Iterators in the PHP Docs can seem very confusing, and even reading the documentation on those Iterators doesn't really explain when or how they should be used. But it's time to bring SPL Iterators out of the shadows with some real-world examples, explaining how they work, and how they can reduce complexity and improve readability of our code. So join me on a roller-coaster ride as we loop through some of the most useful Iterators in the SPL toolbox, and learn how we can use their power and features to improve our work.

Closing notes and Raffle in Raffle (30 minutes)

Closing notes and attendee raffle