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Well-organised and cosy - kudos to the organisers and volunteers!

Learnt and mingled a lot in these 2 days. I had the privilege of attending ZendCon in 2012 - over there, many sessions ran concurrently and attendees had to choose which sessions they wanted to attend. After a session, attendees would be rushing off to other rooms to attend the next session, leaving little time to mingle.

I loved the way that in PHP Conf Asia, all of us were seated in the same room and attending the same talks the whole day. It gave us more time to mingle around, especially with those who were sitting at the same table.

The round tables were also more conducive rather than the usual long seminar tables (which restrict interactions to only those beside us).

The relatively small group and venue (as compared to ZendCon) created a cosy environment for getting to know each other in the PHP community. Looking forward to PHP Conf Asia 2016!

Amazing experience with lots of amazing speakers on various aspects of software engineering and PHP development.