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Anonymous at 12:01 on 25 Sep 2015

really informative and great example

Anonymous at 11:58 on 25 Sep 2015

great talk. but unfortunately the slide is show half. cant see the full slide

You don't have to agree with everything said here, but certainly dry good food for thought.

Thanks for the refresher and questions on a topic we seldom think about :)

Thanks for your clear sharing on the various functions in WordPress and their caveats!

A most fitting closing talk for PHP Conf Asia! Thanks for stirring us up and motivating us to strengthen the PHP Community in Asia :)

Good attempt on your first try!

Usually we would just hear abt the various types of attacks but your demos with and brought these concepts to life! It is one thing to know them, but seeing them being enacted out in front of me blew me away. Thanks!

Your talk made me rethink how I have been writing my modules. The points are quite valid given that in software cycles, it's usually 10% development, 90% maintenance. Thanks for also sharing the cool quote on public methods being likened to children :)