Talk comments

datawench at 07:44 on 12 Aug 2016

I knew this presentation was going to be mind-bending and revelatory, and I wasn't disappointed. I've been watching Hartjes preach the Doctrine of Testing online for a while now, and I needed exactly this introduction to understand just what he's been talking about and why.

Oh, to have had more time!

datawench at 07:41 on 12 Aug 2016

This was actually a lot of fun and a bit stressful in a good way. I'd never been exposed to the idea of Code Katas before, and I think I've been given an useful bit of discipline and practice. The latter exercises were a bit rushed... whether that is a consequence of organization or time, I'm not sure.

datawench at 07:39 on 12 Aug 2016

Rock on ;-)


datawench at 07:38 on 12 Aug 2016

This was a difficult talk for me. I've had limited experience wth Doctrine, and had hoped for a structured introduction and practice. (Perhaps that's my fault and I should have taken the description more to heart.) What we got instead was basically a casual but intensive live-coding session exercised by a person whose fluency made following the progress of the work very hard.

Graham clearly knows this material _very_ well, and I'd more than gladly attend further talks by him on the subject, were they more organized and audience-responsive.

datawench at 07:30 on 12 Aug 2016

The talk was well-named. Years of being put off by opaque documentation led me to habitually looking up recipes on the web without a real grasp of regex, and a nearly literal fear of trying to figure it out. Sandy's talk really got me over that hump, and the progressive examples and practice helped immensely. As with all such things, I only wish we'd had more time.

This was a very good talk that I feel could probably be expanded to a longer, more in-depth session. Very well done. I would like to review the slides if they get posted as I think making a checklist of ideas to cover when reviewing or designing a new UI would be a good practice and lead to better interfaces in the software I develop.

I hope the slides for this talk are posted at some point as well. Heather talked about the different styles of learning and how you can tailor your teaching style to be more effective as well as choose methods of learning which will maximize retention and understanding. Excellent talk.

Great talk about the importance of remembering what's important when balancing work and life. The discussion after the talk was just as valuable.

I hope the slides do get posted on this as there was a lot of tiny text that I was unable to read. This was probably my favorite talk of the cruise.

Great talk about the pitfalls of throwing away working code in order to "write it right" vs refactoring in order to save the knowledge that's been built into the code rather than starting over and having to rediscover all the reasons the code became messy over time.