Building a self-sufficient team


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This one was very useful, thank you for sharing your experience.
I didn't catch some sentences in the speech, but I got almost everything!

It was interesting to hear about your experiences, and with the time at hand it's hard to do much more with it. There are a lot of things to discuss regarding organisation, teams, seating and so on - even though it's not technical as such it does affect the throughput and the products.

Some sentences were a bit confusing, but the case history presented was very useful.

interesting and very open talk about how your teams organise. thanks a lot!
i think the presentation could have been a bit more stringent and clear.

Interesting topic. I'm not yet convinced that this is the way to go. But it was a very open presentation of your experiences. I still think that some team spanning coordination is needed and I didn't get if you have that and if so how you do it.
Could have been a bit more structured.

Thanks everyone for your feedbacks.

@Adrian: we do have someone who coordinates the two teams, but it is a "lightweight" coordination. It is mostly about scheduling projects and discussing decisions regarding the way our company wants us to do our work (usually about XP practices and principles :) ).
Next time I'll also put this into the presentation. Thanks!