What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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It was my first conference, and it was delightful! Attended a lot of talks and enjoyed each of them! Thsnk for great organisation and great talks!

great line up, good location, awesome social events and a conf shirt i am actually going to wear .. actually i am wearing it just now!

Great event. It shows you are doing this for quite some time now.

Apart from minor inconveniences at lunch (Waiting time, finding vegi food) everything went incredibly smooth.

The evening events where incredible. Having a place with enough food, a good selection of all sorts of drinks and, most importantly, an atmosphere that allows for talking to a lot of people without shouting your lungs out.

Getting a plane to Verona was quite difficult for a lot of people so communication that early would maybe made planning a little easier.

Thank you all _very_ for putting this conference together. I really enjoyed my stay!

@stefan: second that :)

Forgot to mention one minor thing: Perhaps the catering should add signs as to which food is vegetarian, as the catering crew seemed to have a hard time understanding/speaking english occasionally

Excellent conference! I really enjoyed myself with the speakers, attendees and crew. Good social events, great location and I love how you guys even arranged for "the earthquake experience"... Hopefully I'll be there again next year :)

Anonymous at 17:05 on 21 May 2012

really enjoyed the event, thanks a lot to the people from grusp!

one really minor issue i had both as submitter as well as listener: was the qualification beginner / intermediate / advanced in relation to php in general or in relation to the specific topic? maybe you could make this more clear. almost nobody chose "beginner" even though some talks where for "beginners in that topic" (but definitively not inexperienced developpers)

Conference was really great. I thank the organizers and speakers for a greatest two PHP days in my life.

It was simply perfect . I can't leave Verona yet, is too nice here :-)
I'll be back definitely for PHPDay 2013.

Great event! Great people, great food, great talks, will definitively be back!

Many thanks to all Grusp people and others involved! It's been great visiting Verona and both JSday and PHPday, my first time ever in Italy and in conferences like this.

All in all, the stay was an eye opener for me in many ways and brought both inspiration and hands on tasks to bring back to Sweden. Hopefully, next year more people from up north will attend, I think we have a lot to add in the future.

Plus: Always friendly and helpful attitude, very interesting talks and good people, a wide set of options on what to attend, well organized social events, power/network cable organization in Track 3 for workshops, information online and in apps, coffee breaks had a good menu. I can go on here, so just smile and be happy about what you did!

Improvements to be made for 2013: Weak Internet connection (you guys already know that). Room for Track 3 was too small and too hot. The food at lunch was quite boring and without variation, and the organization around it was at the best poor. Some of the hotel staff were not that friendly (but others were great!). Announce schedule changes more clearly and update the homepage and the app schedule. Perhaps you could take preliminary registrations for the different talks so you get an idea on how many people will attend the different sessions - and choose track from that.