Step By Step: Making a website fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI


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Really interesting and useful.
Practical infos you can use immediately.
Well structured and clearly exposed.

Good talk and good hints. If you need to speed up your web application this talk will tell you what to do. Hope to have its video on ASAP

Good job on explaining the process, and from my own experience Varnish can do great things. I learned some tweaking and we will look deeper into the caching business. Thanks!

Anonymous at 12:54 on 19 May 2012

Interesting but not in a good time slot (pm - Little attention of participants)

glad you found the talk interesting. i did not make the schedule - but then somebody has to talk in the afternoon. standing in front i had the impression people where listening ;-)

Fantastic talk.
SpritesBundle? Oh my god, it's exactly what i was looking for ;)

interesting talk

Good talk. I would appreciated the talk more if there were example of assetic use as a standalone component, and not in Symfony

Good talk. I am not a symfony user but the general concepts are always good, and the tools suggested can be adatped to every project. Thumb up for SpritesBundle!

I agree with all that Nicolo' said.
Also, a little bit more confidence in the exposition wouldn't have hurt, but that's a very minor issue.

@Miro: i would love to improve this talk, can you please tell me why you did not like it? just a bad rating does not help me do it better next time...

@Mauro, Edoardo: be aware that i only did the SpritesBundle. the Sprites library it is using is done by pierre minnieur, don't want to steal his credit ;-)

Very interesting talk that delivered exactly what it promised: step by step instructions on how to improve the performance of your website.
Timing could have been a bit better since there was almost no time left at the end for varnish (which of course would warrant a talk in its own right).