Grab yourself an alibi


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A very inspiring keynote, excellent way to close off a conference. Thank you.

Short, a bit funny, but with few sentences that makes you think. Great!

Great and entertaining talk to finish the conference.

if you are organizing a conferenze, you should always accept Jacopo. Follow the equation: Inspiring + Funny = better conference.

Excellent keynote by Jacopo, as always. :)

Nice closing keynote without nerd stuff. ;-)
Inspiring and brilliant as usual, Jacopo loves the word and the pronounce of "alibi".
Now we know about alibi, the problem is avoiding them!

great talk!!

Every time I attend Jacopo's talks I go home with plenty of "lessons learned". He is very engaging and inspiring.

inspiring an funny = Jacopo!!!

Just brilliant, as usual

Hint to conference organizers (not just PHPDay): make sure this guy's in your lineup. Always delivering great content and engaging people. Seriously, if you don't accept one of his talks then have no alibi! ;-)

Anonymous at 21:43 on 19 May 2013

Inspiring. Really. Well done Jacopo!

Great keynote Jacopo! ;)

Jacopo's great performance isn't a surprise. He is always inspiring and fun!

Inspiring and funny keynote, enjoyed hearing and watching it!

I'll copy what i posted on twitter about this keynote:

"This guy @jacoporomei gives inspiring talks! #phpday Great anecdotes.."
Inspiring, funny, good and simple slides.

The inspiring storyline of this presentation is the best you can send a developer back to home after a php conference.

an excellent talk, as usual.

Inspiring and funny keynote. Great talk Jacopo!

PS: El unico "problema" de la impecable performance, es que te olvidaste de nombrar al mitico Julio Velasco ;-)