High Performance PHP


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Well done! A bunch of valuable tips!

Really good overview on tools and tips for PHP application profiling to gain better performance.

excellent talk! lots of really useful tips

Excellent talk, lots of interesting pointers and easy to follow.

Once again both entertaining and informative. Great performance! ;)

Great talk

Very informative. Lots of good advice.

Excellent speaker, and excellent talk, very useful and informative!

Fun speaker, nice talk with plenty of useful tips and links. Does not go too far into details which is a mistake many talkers make.

Great talk with good examples and lots of good advice. I enjoyed listening to this talk.

Good. Nothing rev

good start point to optimize our apps

Great speaker and helpful talk, full of production ready tips

great speaker, delivery, and material. A+ would attend again :)

Best talk of PhpDay 2013

Cool overview of PHP optimization techniques, good speaker, liked it very much.

Enjoyed this talk. Very informative insights on graphing and tracing with xhprof

Anonymous at 10:41 on 19 May 2013

Lots of cool stuff, great talk

You guys from Etsy really rock!

Great intensity for a long session. Wouldn't mind a bit more detail on which cache to use on which PHP version (since APC is unstable)...

really useful, and yes you guys rock!

Plenty of interesting tips.

Anonymous at 21:44 on 19 May 2013

Interesting topic, excellent presentation

The best talk in the entire conference by far. Some really useful tips were provided in a clear and understandable way. Everyone in my groups agrees that this talk was the best. Great job Jonathan!

Very useful! I'll definitely be saving the slides for future reference.

Nice talk!!you guys really rock!

An amazing talk that had something for everyone. I loved the real-world context.

Great talks with lot of quality information. I want more talk like this one.