PHP 5.5 new features


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Anonymous at 10:52 on 17 May 2013

Examples of new functionnalities were awful

Good outlook, looking forward to php5.5

Anonymous at 11:20 on 17 May 2013

Fair overview of PHP 5.5 new features. I missed a deeper look at benefits and contexts in which these could (or should) be used.

Anonymous at 13:41 on 17 May 2013

Bad presentation in terrible english :(

Unfortunatelly, didn't cover anything you can't learn from the summary of new features on Talk was also too slow.

Anonymous at 13:50 on 17 May 2013

More real case studies will be usefull.

Fast overview of some of the new PHP 5.5 features. Learned that as of PHP 5.5, APC will be dead (PHP 5.4 will still be supported though, for a while). Let's hope opcache works a bit better regarding execution of stale code (so that you don't have to fiddle with config flags to make it work correctly).

Better and more examples of the new features please

The portion of this talk that actually went over the new features of PHP 5.5 and when/how to use them felt pretty small. I would have liked to see more real life use cases instead of trivial examples. It gave a decent broad overview but without much depth.

Quite good talk, but just fast overview. More code examples of new features and pro/cons could be useful.

too much bullet points

Nice introduction to php 5.5 but would have preferred more rationale explanations and less procedural code

This is not very good topic to talk about, because all can be summarized in few lines of NEWS file. And 1h is way too much for it. Thus bad choice for Keynote. But this is more relevant to organizers than Julien.
About presentation itself. I would like to see more examples or some notes on what was planned for PHP5.5, but did not make it and if it will be part of 5.6.

The main topic could have been handled in 15 minutes or so, and it is absolutely interesting to hear about.

I'd like to hear a lot more about the speaker's everyday work on PHP and how things evolve.

Good overview over upcoming changes in php.

Nothing new. Would have preferred practical examples. He would have had plenty of time for them.

Anonymous at 23:41 on 17 May 2013

The topic was interesting but the presentation itself could do with some work.

Good overview of upcoming features. But the slides could have used a bit more love (less bullet points).

Interesting stuff but bad slides and also quite a few glitches.

Quite interesting fast overview of new features

Nice overview of the upcoming PHP version

barely understandable, quite bad examples (especially for generatots). decent overview, but the focus was on, IMHO, the wrong stuff.

The problem is not the talk but PHP 5.5.

Unluckily with PHP 5.5 there are not such many innovations :(
It think this is the reason why this talk was not so exiting!

I'd have liked to hear more personal thought and better examples about presented features.

Slow presentation, didn't explained many choices: since the list of new features is easy to read from the Internet, an explanation of the reasond of the various choices from one of the core developers would have been nice.

Very very bad choice to discontinue APC without a valid User Cache alternative - a dealbreaker.

Anonymous at 21:41 on 19 May 2013

Great overview of new features coming in 5.5, although the English could be better. Good talk overall.

Nice overview of most important changes/features in php 5.5. I liked the fact that you showed and emphasised how easy it is to contribute to PHP.

However, it would've helped if your code examples were related to some real world examples. Well presented, and good story, although the pace was too slow at times.

the talk was not very interesting for me, mainly due the lack of examples

Nice overview, but the talk was a bit too slow and from time to time boring.

Anonymous at 08:19 on 22 May 2013

The topic was OK and the problem wasn't the performance by the speaker. The talk simply didn't feel like a keynote - more of a regular session but with dual projectors and more people.

Could have use a little more structure and the examples haven't been all that great but it did what it promised to do and since it's a talk for a PHP Core-Dev it delivered what I expected from it :)

Great. Right information with good presentation.