The test suite is slow


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Simple, useful, good tips for everyday life.

Interesting talk. Useful infos about improving the performance in testing.

Very useful and pragmatic talk!
A toolkit for tune-up you test suite

30 mins are not enough for the topic, I think, but Giorgio's been great anyway. With more time, it'd be interesting going deep on parallelism approach.

Several remarkable considerations, which is always good to be reminded about. Always nice to learn about real world experience also.

Topic definitely interesting and well-known.
BTW the speaker should definitely improve his english pronounce, it was very "maccheroni" :-)

Very helpful!! Now I look at my test suite with different eyes.. Giorgio just needs to improve his english pronounce to became the perfect speaker :D

Did not enjoy this one very much. I thought that this topic should cover more than what was said. The english was not so good.

Very helpful Giorgio! ;) thankyou

Good to see way to run more tests, because testing is always good !

Simple and very helpful. Thank you Giorgio!!

I expected more from this talk.