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My first phpem16, I enjoyed it a lot. For £15, this was a bargain really - good talks, good food, good people. Key takeaways:

- There was a mad rush to the talk board between every talk - I think once the schedule is confirmed, put it up on a bigger, more visible board somewhere - maybe even digitize it on Joind.in as soon as it's confirmed, so that everyone's not crowding round all the time. Because it's an unconf, it's a difficult problem I understand.

- As I mentioned already to Matt, really could do with more notice for this, but I think that's already been noted ;)

- Every one of the staff was very helpful, and there was always at least one member of staff around

- The people here are great - the PHP community is so welcoming and incredibly talented. I met some of the students at the uni, and it's great to see people getting involved straight off the bat - it's important that we are continually getting more people involved in the community, and smaller grassroots events like these are an invaluable entry point for this.

- I was surprised when it was drawing to a close at 4pm! I could've gone on longer, but that maybe was just me ;)

Thank you to everyone involved for making PHPem15 happen (sponsors, helpers, venue, speakers etc.) - looking forward to PHPem16 now!

This being my first un-conference I did not know what to expect...

This was a great day and shows exactly what the PHP community is about. I got to learn/improve things and meet some great people. I did my first ever unplanned talk (which was a mess) and the organisers were both supportive and encouraging.

If you want to invest in your career and future as a dev or PHP dev then I would not hesitate in recommending you at least going to phpem16 as well as there monthly meetups.

Thank you to all involved.