Talk comments

Raised quite a few points that aren't touched on much elsewhere with useful examples. Would be interested in seeing a full talk!

Very clear and informative talk. the talk really made me to think about the security

Despite already been interested in security, I still got points out of this talk.

Very interesting stuff; not something I need at the moment but knowing a thing like BetterReflection is out there being extensively worked on and the insight is very appreciated, thank you!

I really enjoyed this combined talk, good examples and it was a bit of an eyeopener for me when it comes to making your vagrant environment into production, thanks!

Good talk, very good points raised! Informative and funny in places, had a good chuckle and learnt something new, good stuff!

Good to hear about DDD from other people's perspective, I enjoyed this talk and learnt a couple of new things again to have a look into.

Great intro, demo and overview of why and how to use Web Sockets. Definitely going to ponder next time I need to do some AJAX calls whether it would fit the case and be more elegant and efficient solution to use WS. Thanks for that!

Really made me think about the importance of secure systems & how we've tended to neglect them as developers.