Talk comments

Anonymous at 17:09 on 1 Dec 2014

Great talk, really motivating :)

No slides. However, these are some of the tools I've mentioned:
Jira ->

Inspiring and thought provoking. I can use so many of the techniques discussed with clients in the future. Even more impressive was the total lack of slides, just a few hastily made notes on his phone - completely in the spirit of an unconf!!

Not much discussion, just reading from wikipedia, but well explained and expanded on by someone who clearly knows what he's talking about

Great Talk for anyone else interested here is a link to the book

Clinton's usual brand of quick witticisms and disturbing truths about security today

Great talk with lots of insight to New Relic and what value it can add to your application or business.

Could have done with a bit more about cloud vs selfhosted as many people seemed to raise that idea, overall well presented, despite being on windows

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