Talk comments

Nice introduction to ReactPHP, didn't know what to expect.
Some nice insights about how locking can slow down things, the things you can achieve by using ReactPHP.

Even took some advice you gave I can already use in existing projects.

After your talk I'll definitely am triggered to take a better look.

Some useful feedback, there is a lot going on in your slides.
Maybe you can make them a little cleaner.

Thanks again for your clear view on ReactPHP.

Learned a lot about React in an hour, but have to agree the talk could use a bit more structure to link the various concepts together. Instead of starting with the dependencies for the example project, an introduction of react, what problems it solves and how it does that might be better. The used dependencies could then be discussed when going over the part of the project that uses it.

Speaker seemed comfortable talking to the group and communicated clearly.

Great introduction to ReactPHP, it is just a little bit all over the place. It is hard to see the structure in the presentation. Maybe you could start with an overview what the structure of your project is. Like:
- Event loop
- HostnameListener
- DNSListener
- GeoIPListener

And reflect on that structure during the presentation to make clear where we're at.