Talk comments

Nice overview of the good news about PHP7 and what to expect. Especially the further reaching resources are something that is really interesting.

It was nice to see some interesting considerations about the monorep, but i think for many many use cases it is very debatable if there are more pros or cons in this case. Sadly most of these questions do not have a general answer but one that always starts with: "It depends..."

That was unbelivable. Amazing. Thanks for that talk. You solved a lot of problems i have to discuss in my current project.

It was absolutely awesome to follow on of your talks live for the first time. You have such a talent in teaching and helping people. You explained the new features of PHP 7 in such a way the i updated my travis.yml in my OSS project to test on 7.0 now. I am really looking forward to write my first type hints in production. Thanks a lot for attending at the FrOSCon.

Alexander shows the ways of organizing dependencies with composer and bower. Nice talk and cool conversations.

Got a nice overview about the new features of HTTP 2.0. All of them became an intro covering the problems with the current version of 1.1

Michael Csáki at 17:51 on 23 Aug 2015

We saw a good overview on REST-principles and had a lively discussion at some points about them.

The talk was a good introduction into an interesting concept for - in my eyes - very special use cases. For me the argumentation why and in which special cases the concept of monorepos works wasn't really convincing and somewhat weak. It raised far more questions than it answered. Feel free to contact me for more ;)

Michael Csáki at 11:03 on 23 Aug 2015

very good overview on what to expect, what to look forward to and what to be careful with regarding migration. i enjoyed the talk alot.

Awesome (as ever (-; ) overview of the new features and gotchas of PHP7. And thanks for a bunch of links to further resources.