What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Great way to organize an event! I arrived during lunch (breakfast?), so that was a nice start. Nice presentations in the afternoon, phpWomen have my vote ;-)

While I couldn't attend the first presentation, I was still amazed by the good organization and the cosy venue. Everything went smoothly, the talks were interesting and varied enough and the lunch was good.
I'd definitely attend such a special again the next time, congrats to the organization and the speakers!

Great day, well organized, really enjoyed it. With the exception of the somewhat misplaced Microsoft presentation, all talks were both entertaining and informative, and would have been worthy of any major conference. Some minor things might have been better (better overhead projection, wifi), but for the price of a cheap lunch one really can't complain.

Klaas...., at 20:32 on 25 Jan 2009

I had a very nice time, content was very good. The Microsoft talk was a bit out of place. Surprising location (very nice, pirates, sharks etc !), cab driver was surprised to find a theatre in that location, being a cab driver for 30 years in Den Haag. Couldn't read the code during Mihai's talk, but that is a minor issue. My compliments to phpGG.

Cal Smith at 06:05 on 25 Jan 2009

Well organized. Well done. The content was good, as well, if you try and, for a moment, forget the Microsoft commerical at the beginning. But again, in terms of the event organization itself, it came over very professional and well thought through.

Had a great time today at the talks. I especially liked Mihai's, Boy's and Robert Jan's talks. I didn't really understand the community plugging however (fronteers, phpWomen), but I didn't mind it either. Concluding: I had a nice time and it was informative. Go on like that!