Talk comments

A great presentation from someone with good presentation skills. There obviously has gone a lot of work in the presentation slides and it payed off. While all the topics he touched were easy to grasp, they still were important and the way it was brought definitely kept it interesting.

Very clear presentation with a good overview on why you should love javascript. As I'm not very familiar with javascript, I found the reference to the javascript book and videos particuarly interesting.

Interesting talk with quite some live examples of Flex communicating with PHP. I could see the advantages in using flex and air in some areas and got to know some things I didn't know before (for example the built-in sqlite storage). Overall nice and informative talk.

By far my favorite presentation. The content was fantastic (a bit obvious at times, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said) and the way it was presented was also wonderful.

Excellent presentation. well thought out, statements very well supported. I loved it.

Excellent presentation, lots of code examples. I can especially see the use of Flex in AIR applications.