Building a Zend Framework 2 Application


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Although the approach Zend Framework 2 takes is not always to my liking, the tutorial was definitely worth it. I got a good overview of the next generation of Zend Framework. The information was presented in a very clear way. I would've liked more exercises so I'd gotten a bit more hands-on experience with the framework

Anonymous at 18:02 on 5 Oct 2012

Big step forward for the framework, the talk was more advanced then is thought it was going to be. Really good overview was provided during the day, definately plan to stay involved.

Anonymous at 10:37 on 6 Oct 2012

Great training day and very friendly presenters

Great tutorial! Too bad I missed the first half

Good Speed & pace, Good time for answers. All good

Anonymous at 11:41 on 7 Oct 2012

Please please, come and do a presentation in Australia!

This was a great tutorial, well balanced between theory and practice it really gave me a feel for the framework. I would break down the last exercise in two, since by then people are moe dispersed.

Rob and Evan, I really enjoyed your tutorial and it was fun to get little exercises going. I felt like there was little new for me since I already got familiar with zf2 earlier, but you managed to educate me on service and event managers and how they function.

Rob and Evan are both helpful and thoroughly knowledgeable and somehow they managed to cover the ZF2 fundementals into a day, especially emphasising Modules and they're significant role in ZF2.
If I were to suggest anything in the way of improvements, I would propose spending more time on the ServiceManager and EventManager/Events and I felt that this is a fundemental change in the way ZF2 works and a thorough understanding is vital in appreciating and using the framework.

I was not sure what to expect as I have been playing with ZF2 for a few weeks and felt like ZF2 in a day was never going to happen.
How wrong I was... Rob and Evan gave a well delivered tutorial and covered a massive amount in a short space of time. I followed 80% of it first time but did get lost and confused in the last exercise. I think this was due to it being late in the day and possibly too much at once. I would have liked more small exercises but due to time limitations it was understandable.
Overall I feel that it was more than I expected and I would/will definitely go to another of their tutorials.

Generally very good. Made me excited about using the framework, and pleased with the direction zf2 has taken. The modular approach really resonates with me.

The zend\form treatment on the day felt rushed, it could probably do with a whole afternoon to itself. The parts i enjoyed most were the discussions on service manager and event manager. I would have enjoyed more concrete examples of hooking into the event driven nature of zf2.

In all a good introduction, that has given me a starting point to explore further.

The presentation and introduction to Zend 2 was generally very good and I think both Rob and Evan managed to keep things interesting throughout the day. I do however feel that the exercises could have been managed better.

It would have been more worthwhile spending time on going through the prepared examples and the tasks that were given, instead of rushing through to the next segment immediately after presenting the solution.

It was a lot to take in, but well worth the journey to Manchester! This was the highlight of the conference for me and I'm really quite excited about coding new sites in ZF2!
A big thank you to Evan & Rob! Cheers guys!

Anonymous at 12:19 on 9 Oct 2012

Is somewhere a video from this event?

This was an excellent tutorial that gave me a lot more confidence to dive into ZF2. Overall I think Rob and Evan did a great job. The one area that I did struggle with was the drop into exercise 2, and I think this could have benefited from more attention to the bootstrapping sequence and the timing of events. Thank you guys, this was a superb start to the weekend.

Big thank you to both Rob and Evan for giving up their time to educate us on ZF2. It was no small under taking for Evan to come over from the U.S. I really enjoyed the day and would love to attend more of these. There was a lot of ground covered in a short amount of time, and I have to admit i was losing focus towards the end of the day. I would have prefered a slower pace and maybe breaking the exercises down a little. However I totally understand that we only had 1 day to cover so much. What we really need is someone to write a book on the subject....hmmm.