Safire, the new PHP!


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Still a lot of work to do! An interesting talk nonetheless. I hope Saffire can take some lessons from the keynote and invite developer feedback on their new language specification.

Will be checking out the saffire project soon!

It's interesting to see that people are still (looking at) writing new languages. It is an enormous effort which was luckily quite understood. The presentation provided good information, even though there wasn't a lot of information about Safire yet - calling it the "new PHP" perhaps goes a bit too far though :-)

Way over my head but I'm pleased that writing a brand new language is humanly achieavable (kinda).

An interesting talk, of benefit to anyone who saw it as it also made you reanalyse the state of your own favourite languages.

Saffire looks like it has the potential to be interesting, but has a very long way to go yet :)

Really interesting talk as a perspective on the issues and decisions that a new language faces. It will be great to see the language develop in the future, and hopefully get to use in next year.

It was interesting to see that people are doing this stuff. I imagine it must be a very exciting project, being there are the birth of a new language. I have to admit though i failed to see what they were attempting to achive that cannot be done with existing languages. Maybe i missed that part. Still very interesting and look forward to seeing how it develops.

Enjoyed the talk, was presented in a fun and informal way, and I'll be checking out the Saffire project.